Best Destinations for Christmas Vacation
Best Destinations for Christmas Vacation

Yay! Finally, it’s Christmas. The most awaited time of the year. When the schools and offices finally come to a full stop, and when the fun and entertainment cross all the limits. And if you are a family of backpackers, Christmas festivities and high-spirits serve as a cherry on the top. For the travelers, there can never be a better time to fly, when the flight tickets are on sale and happiness is in the air. Above all, a destination celebration can never go out of fashion. Just in case, if you are planning to spend Christmas vacation at home, you can’t be more wrong.  Get active this Christmas, be an explorer, and plunge into different cultures and celebrations at different destinations. To make things simpler, here we have brought you the list of best destinations for Christmas vacation.

Here are Some of The Best Destinations for Christmas Vacation

Quebec City, Canada

Christmas in Quebec City

Quebec City in Canada has marked itself as one of the major destinations for best Christmas vacations. Lights, decoration, and snow make it a perfect destination for the celebration. The charm, magic, and enchantment in the city are beyond expressions. Quebec City Christmas is famous all across the world, where the list of holiday programs seems endless. Old Quebec City is transformed into Christmas village even before December starts. Christmas Markets, concerts, themed guided tours, and lovely decorations, as far as you see, fill you with enthusiasm and high spirits. Must see Christmas attractions in the destination involve German Christmas Market and Old Port Christmas Market.

New York, USA

Christmas in NYC

When the hot topic is Christmas, NYC can never lag behind. The Bryant Park Winter Village adorned with 17,000 sq. ft rink and hundreds of kiosks and food vendors are the sweet symbols of arrival of Christmas in NYC. The energy and enthusiasm of NYC during Christmas are always pumped up, at this time nothing can stop it. The tall gleaming tree in Rockefeller Center, holiday markets, and annual Christmas shows are some of the major things that make Christmas in New York famous worldwide.

Paris, France

Christmas in Paris

What can be more beautiful than seeing The City of Lights lit up and beaming with Christmas lights? This enchanting capital of France holds some of the most beautiful Christmas attractions, that attracts people from all over the world. Only from mid-November, the city starts getting draped in lights.  High-end departmental stores and shopping streets are all wrung up with Christmas colors. From window shopping to the festival market, and soulful concerts to Ice skating, Christmas in Paris fills your experience diary with fun, love, and excitement.

Venice, Italy

Christmas in Italy

Venice in winter and Italian Christmas decorations make a magical fusion indeed! Uncrowded streets, beautifully lit up canals, delicious pizza and historical architectures adorned with Christmas decorations, set up a romantic ambiance. Venice holidays are a most popular among tourist where they enjoy world-class shopping. Strolling through the streets and loitering around churches, will fill your veins with high spirits of Christmas. And on Christmas day itself, you can hear the bells ringing all day at St Mark’s Bell Tower. The traditional family Christmas celebration involves having fish dinner and then heading to participate in Mass at Midnight. You can actually fly to Venice and be a part of aesthetic Christmas celebrations. Christmas in Italy is one of the most beautiful destinations you need to add to travel diaries.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam Christmas

Get Christmas story told at Dutch Capital in the Netherlands. Amsterdam can’t wait for December to celebrate Christmas; the celebrations here begin in November only. The homes and streets and markets get adorned with sparkling lights, and festival spirits are mingled in the air. Museum Square is the major attraction which gets transformed into the Christmas village and everything seems divine. Amsterdam Christmas markets are most famous among tourists as well as locals. The visitors savor unlimited fun, excitement, food, dance, and music. Make sure you add Amsterdam Light Festival to your holiday list. Some of the best things to do in Amsterdam in December include enjoying a canal cruise and participating Amsterdam Winter Parade.

London, England

Christmas in London

Searching for the Christmas wonderland? London is the true destination.  The capital of The United Kingdom knows how to celebrate Christmas.  From exploring London Christmas markets to swirling around ice rinks, and from exploring winter wonderland to participating in Christmas events in London, the visitors get overwhelmed with the high atmosphere all around. As we have come across the mention of a winter wonderland, let us tell you that Hyde Park is a must-visit, if you are traveling to London in winters.

Zurich, Switzerland

Christmas in Zurich

Enjoy a snowy and chocolaty Christmas in Zurich. Most known for mountains, snow, chocolates and cobblestone streets, Zurich lures a huge crowd for celebrations. The visitors can take city strolls, enjoy seeing singing Christmas trees and plunge themselves into the oceans of shops. Christmas corals that youngsters deliver amongst beautiful stage set up and decorative tiny lights create an astonishing ambiance. So, stop your searches for the destination celebration and get ready for a sparkling Christmas in Switzerland.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges Christmas

Another enchanting and one of the best destinations for Christmas vacation that travelers love to explore is Bruges. The city is already known for its year-round beauty, but when it comes to Christmas, the festivities and enthusiasms of the destination leave the visitors spellbound. The lit up cobblestone streets scream the Christmas stories aloud. Strolling around the streets, ice-skating, and shopping fill the festival with energy and enthusiasm. And you certainly can’t miss on Belgian hot chocolate that adds a pinch of warmth to the celebrations.

North Pole Alaska

Christmas in Alaska

The North Pole is all about Santa! The city undoubtedly has to be on the list of best destinations for Christmas vacation. No matter whenever you travel to the North Pole, you’ll find the destination adorned with Christmas decorations, and hence, it’s not wrong to say North Pole a year-round Christmas destination. When December arrives, the city gets alive with the Ice Contest in annual North Pole Christmas and caters to ice sculptors from all over the world. Also, you can send letters to your loved ones from official zip code of Santa. So, North Pole Christmas Village is one of the best Christmas getaways for families.

Lapland, Finland

Lapland Christmas

Wanna celebrate white Christmas? Make your ways to Lapland, north of Arctic Circle. Due to its location, the destination is known as the Christmas Headquarters. Lapland receives thousands of visitors on Christmas, where they witness the most popular attractions- Santa Clause Village, and Santa Claus Park. All the attractions and festivities point toward Santa being the most loved and favorite residents. If you never ever have enough of Santa, then Lapland is the place to be. It’s fun to follow Santa to reindeer-dotted forests and watch his elves packing gifts. Lapland Christmas is indeed a must-have experience for life.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Christmas in San Juan

In case, snow is not really your thing, and you look forward to a tropical Christmas celebration, head straight to San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. If fun, food, festivities and sun, are the things you expect this Christmas, there could never be a better place than San Juan. Also, the destination becomes the perfection Christmas getaways for a couple.


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